Grace Kandoly

21 Mar 2017

Picture with my teacher. Ashin Kheminda One of the few people that I respect the most. He is always so selfless, with so much metta, patience, and hardworking. Truly an inspiring person to look up to.

We are all like little kids who always bother Bhante. So much trouble to him. Sometimes stubborn head and difficult to give advices to. But Bhante is always full of metta in teaching us all. Learning Dhamma from Bhante had been marvelous. It impacted my 3years of life, so much more than my 28years of life. Looking back, I had walked a long way. Step at a time, sometimes I tumbled, I fell, I crawled, learning to pick myself up, and taking another step. Am a different me as what I was, but still remain the same at the same time. I do realize I still have waaaayyyy much to learn, learning Dhamma and realizing it through meditation.

I just had literal conversation with my husband on how much I respect him, and the only thing way I can ever repay his kindness is to be a better person than I was, to keep on learning, maintaining my sila. May it becomes a better foundation for my meditation.

"Fill your bucket a drop at a time." This a quote from Bhante, a long time ago, but it remained in my mind, as a reminder. Whenever I feel discouraged, I shall always remember it. Little by little we di grow, little by little we do change. By the littlest amount, one day it shall be a tremendous one. Keep on swimming in Dhamma.

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