Hartono Tan

21 Mar 2017

"Happiness is from the inside" words that we often heard, yet we never realised the true meaning of the sentence. Through this Pabbajja program held by Dhammavihari Buddhist Studies and guidance from my most respectful spiritual teacher Ashin Kheminda, I now have started to understand the true meaning of those words. Anapanasati Meditation is the method that has been taught to us to develop our inner peace, to see clearly what is real (the present moment awareness of breath) and what isn’t real (our mind reliving the past or creating the future), realizing what is truly important. As my teacher said “the outside world is only a mere reflection of our inner mind or mood” these words can only be realized through Meditation. An advice that will always be my guidance throughout this life is “always look at the inside and stop focusing on the outside, because you will only suffer if you let the outside world make you suffer”. The past has past and the future has yet to come, the present moment is the only thing that will give you peace and happiness. Thank you Ashin Kheminda for the Dhamma you have taught with metta and karuna to all of us despite your dream of becoming a forest monk.

Thank you Dhammavihari Buddhist Studiess and all the volunteers that have spent their holiday time to make our training easy and joyful, may all the good deeds you all have done be fruitful in this life and next life until you attain enlightenment.

Sadhu.. Sadhu.. Sadhu..

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